Saturday, 22 June 2013

GENERATIONS came together to give a home a new look

GENERATIONS came together to give a home which cares for people with dementia a new look with a nostalgic twist.

Students from Seaham School of Technology worked with the Cedar Court Care Home in Portland Avenue in the town after its bosses decided the elderly mentally infirm (EMI) unit it runs for 12 residents needed to be updated.

Images of the town’s harbour, a painting of a woman and girl in a poppy field and mining banners feature in the murals created by the nine Year 10 pupils.

A poem by staff member Elaine Hargrave about dementia will also be painted on to a wall.
Before the artwork was created, leaders from the home visited Seaham School to discuss the plans and the issues and illnesses its residents face with the children and their teachers.

Caroline Cook, the home’s activities co-ordinator, said: “I was looking for new fresh ideas for the EMI, and I thought about making it more colourful and something a bit different and thought some art and murals would look really good.

“The school was excellent. The students were really good when they came in and were listening to music as they painted, and the older people loved it.

“These paintings will help trigger off their memories.

“A lot of people can’t remember what they did yesterday, but this gives them a bit of a window to their past, the pits and the area’s mining history.”

Old photos of the area’s past have also gone up on the walls thanks to help from the Heritage Centre in Horden.

Well done this is amazing to see and hear

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