Sunday, 19 May 2013

News Press articles

I had a comment today about my use of a news press article in my blog. Its not something I do a lot of as I would rather write my own when I am up to it these days.

When I  do used  a clip from a newspaper it is to highlight something well worth it, or to highlight a local Alzheimer's project, so that others can see what it is possible to do in their own area.

I never intended to copy anyone else's information for my own gain, as that's not my aim.

I am trying to help everyone who has or is caring for a person with dementia.

If I have upset anyone I apologise but that was not my intent, I trying to raise the profile of this illness.

This is something we all have to work together  in doing as its very important that the illness gets a higher profile and better services

I hope that will end this topic as I am here to help myself and others with the illness, not get into a press argument online.

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