Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Can sudoku help stop the cognitive decline

In a medical Journal it was stated that games like Sudoku can help slow cognitive decline, if you can use games like this it can be useful, but how many people with even mild dementia can use things like this.
I have tried this but can never fathom it out no matter what I do, but perhaps I cannot see the obvious.
Although I was told from the onset to keep my brain active in any way possible, I have never been able to fathom that game no matter how I try
I have become slightly addicted to a game called Mahjong something which my young Granddaughter got me onto and she has an illness called Asperger’s, something which was hard to cope with at first as no one understood what was wrong with her,…and there had been no problems in either family with this type of thing before, or so we thought until fairly recently when a link was made on the other side of the family.
One day I thought about this game and decided that if she could do it why not me, so now we are both fascinated by this game in all of its stages, and when I am playing it at home she will often sit beside me and point out certain things.
I admit there are times when I cannot see correct cards no matter what I do, but I hardly ever give up, unless I am too tired to carry on.
I have always tried to keep my brain active with brain training games, and they seem to help, especially if I keep spending around 20 minutes each day doing these games.
One Professor in Lewy Body Dementia, once told me to either use it regularly or you give up and lose it, and this had stuck, although there are days when I can't be bothered with anything, but then its usually the days when I cannot work things out properly.
I wonder how many other people with cognitive problems can do games like Sudoku, or whether it’s just someone in the science departments saying that it would be good for us.
I know that I am not as good as I was at anything these days including using the computer, but I force myself to keep trying something even though it may take longer than it used to do, perhaps I am bloody minded about it, but I am terrified of not being able to use the computer anymore, and I think this drives me on.
Life has changed for me and I rely on voice activated software to write at times, but that also helps as I have days when even simply words cannot be spelt by me.
My wife says I am always doing something on the computer while she prefers to watch Television, but to me the computer keeps the brain active as you have to be thinking all of the time, where the television does everything for you.
Can anyone else do these game’s.

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