Monday, 28 January 2013

Two bad nights in a row

This has been a very bad weekend as far as sleep is concerned, because of my very graphic nightmares and bad dreams.

I have had two bad nights in a row, and am feeling very tired. When this happens I get to the stage where I really don't want to go to bed on a night, as these things scare me to death.(The terrors of the night I call them). As they can be described in great detail the next day, unlike normal dreams which simply disappear when we wake up
Yet if I have a 20 min nap in my chair after lunch, I can go dead to the world and never hear anything including the telephone. After this I feel more refreshed that I do after a night in bed

I am on medication for this, but as I found out a few months ago, I can not have these tablets increased as I simply don't wake up, and this is very distressing to me.

I often wonder how many people have heart attacks during the night when they have these nasty dreams and nightmares because they simply can not wake up from them

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