Sunday, 30 December 2012

New ideas using schools

New monthly café to help people with dementia opens

A café designed to help people with dementia has been set up by school pupils.

Sixth form students from Princes Risborough School, backed by the town’s Rotary Club, will run the Forget-me-not café monthly at the Princes Centre.
At the opening people were served refreshments and chatted with the pupils, who joined in with water colour painting, dominoes and jigsaw puzzles, while a Rotarian played the piano.
The school’s interact club is trying to raise money for a Smart TV for the café which will allow a library of yester-year experiences and entertainment to be downloaded and shown to stimulate the long term memories of those with dementia.

My view
What a wonderful idea and I really hope it works, as schools are the place to start if we really want to move on and remove the stigma which has been attached to this illness for years.

School children are very thoughtful and want to help as I have found with my grandchildren, so why not give them the chance.
I have tried to go inti schools to talk to school children but the school officials are not remotely interested, but perhaps its time they listened to others and did something useful for the community

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