Friday, 9 November 2012

Fears of the unknown

We all go through life worrying about what may be happening or what may happen in the future, and that is normal, but those who are ill struggle with fears of a different nature and that is the fear of the unknown in our futures.

Many struggle with family relationships, or the dread of future examinations, or perhaps hospital appointments, they are all natural and yet all totally different, as they are approached in different ways.

As someone with an illness which the doctors assume is dementia related or to give it its full term Lewy Body Dementia, I find thinking about the future fills me with total dread and fear. In my case it’s the thought that I may loose control over my dignity.

Although life goes on as normal many days,  there are some days when we just can not settle or indeed say we are happy about doing normal things, this is because the short term memory causes all sorts of problems.

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