Friday, 16 November 2012

Better day

After two horrible weeks we had a much better day, and my wife and I feel much happier than we have over that period. It has been very hard to cope with life since we were badly flooded in June, and living in a noisy and damp flat has been hard to accept, especially when I had three chest infection in the same period.

After losing my old blog two weeks ago I felt as if my world was falling apart, and that seemed like the final straw after everything that has gone wrong since June 28th.

Our Ruby Anniversary last weekend was destroyed by the builders attitude, but hopefully things are going to get better now.

But this afternoon we got some support when it was decided that the work should be completed before Christmas, although we can not expect to move back home until around the 3rd January.

I gather that the heating is being connected up this week, and the kitchen will then be fitted, which is a big step forward. After this all of the new doors will be fitted ready for the painters to come in to finish off.

We have now got dates for the carpet fitters, which can be changed if the works gets ahead of schedule, and also have a moving in date.

If this is completed early then with luck we may move in earlier, as all of the carpets are ordered and in stock.

I confess that I am now looking forward to the next 6 weeks being over so we can return to our house and not have noisy doors slamming all day and all hours of the night.

I just hope that nothing else goes wrong.

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