Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bad day yesterday

Yesterday was not a good day as I was struggling a bit with the grandchildren who seemed noisier than normal, and the weather was wet and horrible.

We went into Farnborough in the morning and I lost the plot in ASDA as there were piles of goods waiting to be put on the shelves, and this lot was blocking off the isles making it very difficult to negotiate your way around, without all of the high speed shoppers who seemed hell bent on doing their shopping in 3 minutes, and no one was going to stop them or get in their way.

I usually keep well clear of these large supermarkets at  weekends as they are manic, but yesterday it was a case of doing something to keep the children occupied, otherwise they would have become bored inside an hour. We then had lunch before heading back home again.

I have to admit these children and a delight to take out for meals as they are usually very well behaved.

After this things went downhill and I had to go to bed for an hour to charge my batteries, as I was really struggling to cope with three voices all talking together, and it was like a bad dream.

Today is a new start and we will wait to see what happens.
I confess that I am starting to look forward to heading back home on Wednesday.

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