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This used to be a caring nation

This year has highlighted just how far the UK has slumped over the years.We used to be a brilliant and very proud country where everyone helped each other, and that included the wealthy, but this no longer happens anymore People used to help each other when the need arose, but these says it seems it's everyone looking after themselves, and forgetting other people.
It seems that in many places the community spirit has disappeared completely This country is now a tax haven for many wealthy foreigners, who know how to get away without paying their taxes etc, yet they use our health service free of charge. This includes some politicians in the UK, who don't pay their right amount of tax,  if they pay any here at all, yet they are still fiddling expenses, even though they know it's illegal.Yet while this is going  on, millions of people in the UK are becoming poorer, and many are left on the streets at night, because there is no where else for them to go, and that includes man…

A long year

It seems to have been a very long year, but I guess that's because if all of my chest infections, which according to our family doctor seem to start all over again within 6 to 8 weeks after taking antibiotics.
However it seems that this could be down to the Heamophilis Influenza bug which is firmly implanted in my lungs, and could have been there since early childhood days.I am now seeing a new chest consultant who has done a lot of tests etc, and tomorrow I go to Bishop Auckland general hospital for a CT scan.As far as I know,  this will be the last test before I see the consultant again in the new year,  when we hope to get the answers to the problems.He already thinks that I have had Bronchiectasis since early childhood hood, caused by Whooping cough Mumps and measles.When I had pnumonia in 2001 I was told that I had scarring tissue in my lungs, which it seems could have been caused by wood dust among other things.I also had heart valve problems, which were detected around 1970…

A year to remember

This has been a year which  was nice in some respects,  and weird in others

This year we saw our son Mark get married, and now he and Tracy are now expecting their second child early  next year.
Their son Jacob started infants school this year, and already seems to have grown up

This was taken at Mark and Tracy's Wedding

Our daughter Claire has two lovely girls Lucy 12 and Emily 10, along with a son Matthew 7 who seems to have grown up a lot, since he joined the girls in a theatre group.



All seem to be doing extremely well at school which is lovely to hear
Its also been lovely to see all of our 4  grandchildren growing up, something that I never expected to see when I was originally diagnosed

This year I met someone I have contacted often over Facebook and that was, Kate Swaffer from Australia.
Kate is a hero of m…

Sessional Greetings

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends a Merry Christmas, and a Happy new year when it comes. I also hope that the new year brings new beginnings for us all, and hopefully a healthier yearAs this is  going to be a busy week, due to the need of a hospital visit for a echocardiogram etc, and the family coming up for a week, I thought it best to write this now Best wishes to you allKen

Brexit and immigration

Over the last two years there has been a lot of upset caused by some sections of society over immigration, and it's got a lot worse since the referendum on EuropeYet when we look at one particular section there has been little or no mentionThis is professional football, where we are seeing vast numbers of players and managers moving into this country Yet it appears that little has been said about this, which seems a little odd.More and more football players etc are coming into this country on fast track visas, yet I don't consider them to be important to the country.I doubt if many if any, are even paying tax in this country, yet they play in the richest football league possibly in the world.This makes me wonder why supporters don't say a lot about this considering the cost of tickets to watch football matches these days. Why should supporters pay the high cost when many players don't pay their full portion of tax in the UK, it's so wrong and should be stopped, esp…

Social care lost

I fear we are seeing the end of social care in the UK, and the Government is not helping the situation.However many councils are struggling to cope with  savage cuts to their budgets,  and social care is one of the worst hit sections being cut, all of which has a knock in effect. Most of the local council care homes in County Durham, have been closed and pulled down, simply because they were out of date. While I can understand this,  i do feel that councils have neglected the care sector for more high profile projects, completely forgetting about those who have worked hard all of their lives.
These days it's possible to build a care home which could if needed, be upgraded to suite without too much trouble,  but no one wants to know about it.  Social care has been struggling for years now,  even under the last Labour  Government, and these cuts are making things much worse, while the government sits and throws money around on useless projects like HS2.When  I think of the cost of t…

Looking back

I worked in an Oxford University College for twenty years as an engineer, and until my last 6 months I really enjoyed the job,I guess that after I had pnuemonia things changed, and we got a new boss
But I confess that I was not fully thinking clearly at times, and i should have retired a lot earlier than I did, However I have just heard that my old Boss who did my original interview, has now got the mid to later stages of dementia We called into her house and saw her two years ago when we were going to farnborough to see the family, and she seemed different then, and seemed to be talking about a different college to the one I knew. I wondered if there was something wrong then, and it looks as if we were right, because that must have been the start of the dementia She was a formidable lady, who never took prisoners, but would stand by you if you got into a sticky situationWhen my wife had a serious road accident, she had a direct line to the hospital, so that she knew what was happenin…

Flooding and stress

There has been so much on the television etc, about the floods which hit many parts of the UK last year I confess that as someone who was hit by the floods of June 2012, I can understand the distress caused.But it's not just the fact that you lose so many possessions, and belongings, it's the after care or lack of it in many cases We had 90 cms of water coming  into the house with 20 minutes, so fast that there was little we could do about it.We lost so much good furniture etc during this,  that it was very upsettingIt did not come from the obvious place, which is a  burn near to the house,  but from all of the blocked drains in the town centre.At first the insurance assessors were brilliant and sorted out all of our costs for the lost belongings and possessions within the week, including our car which was a right off.Then things went wrong because they brought in their own builders and clerk of works, who in my own mind, were not fit to do the job to my own standards. I say t…

Drinking plenty of water

These days no matter what illness or multiple illnesses you have there are always lots of experts telling you how to remain active or keep fit.
But in all reality there are no two people the same, and therefore, it's not the trained expert who knows best,  but the person actually living with the illness.
No matter what illness you may have, there is always a charity or website explaining symptoms etc, along with possible symptoms
However many specialists are keen to point out, every person is a  individual and have to be treated as such, because no matter which way you look at it, one size does not fit everyone
Many of these experts tell patients that they need to keep fit, but they never look at other symptoms which may restrict some types of exercises.
One thing I find amazing these days is that those people with chronic chest problems, are all told to drink lots of fluids.
But when we are weighed at the doctors etc, we are then told that we are Overweight?
I always get wei…

Sensory problems getting worse

I have noticed sensory problems over the years,  but things seem to be getting worse these days A few years ago I lost my sense of smell, and as my wife has said on many occasions,  I could end up in serious trouble one of  these days, because there are times when i cannot even smell things like gas, and that's not a good thing.There are times, however  when I smell things which are not there, and that is weird.Occasionally I smell something burning, but never find anything, and it drives my poor wife mad looking.
Not so long ago my tastes in food changed dramatically, something that no one can explain to me.Before we were married, and indeed afterwards, if we went out for a meal, I would only have a steak, or an English meal, I would never go for curry or anything else. I guess I  was what was called conservative in everything I ate.These days however I can eat curries all day given the chance, and what is more, the hotter and spicier the better. There must be a reason for this, b…

Memory and Keeping fit

Its been in the press quite a lot recently about keeping fit, when you have a brain problem like dementia, but this is not as easy as it sounds, because there are not enough trained staff in the country to cope with these illnesses

I have often wondered how you are supposed to keep fit, when you have dementia, memory,  or any other neurological illnesses, because your brain does not work as fast as other people brains, therefore your reactions are much slower
I was once told by one doctor at home that I was overweight, and should do something about it.

So after a few weeks of wondering what to do, I was referred to the local gym.

However this was to be short lived, as the instructors knew very little about their roles, let alone dementia and neurological problems.

I went for my induction, and was told to be careful, in following all of the given advice, but had this young lady really been listening when my wife explained that I had a form of dementia, obviously not.

The next day I…

What is Bronchiectasis

From the British Lung  Foundation.UK Website
What is bronchiectasis?
This information is for people who have bronchiectasis, their families and carers. It explains the causes and symptoms of bronchiectasis, how it is diagnosed and how it is treated. When you breathe, air is carried into your lungs through your airways. These are a series of tubes, called bronchi.
Your airways contain tiny glands that produce a small amount of mucus. Mucus helps to keep your airways moist and traps the dust and germs that you breathe in. The mucus is then moved away by tiny hairs, called cilia, which line the tubes.
If you have bronchiectasis, your airways become widened and cannot clear themselves properly. This means mucus builds up and the tubes can become infected by bacteria. If bacteria survive in the tubes, they become inflamed, which can further damage your airways. Once the damage has occurred, it is permanent. The exact number of people who have bronchiectasis is unknown, but some studies sugg…

Child abuse

These days we are hearing more and more about child abuse, because of a scandal in Football clubs and football trainers etc. I have heard many people talking about this, including many, who think that's it's been left for far too longOne or two have even said that grown men, should forget what happened to them as children, but in all honesty when it's this bad, it will haunt you for the rest of your lifeIt's  down to the fact that going back over the years, it was a case that those who were abused, had no where to turn  for help for help,  and badly needed support Simply because no one would believe them at home, and others including the police forces and social workers,  would certainly not wish to get involved, believing youngsters to be all liars.Many were too terrified even to speak to their  parents or family's members,   about this, because they would not have been believed. In many cases the abusers were largely well known people, and many of these were held…

Long morning at the hospital

This morning I had to go to the local hospital for a long series  of tests and xrays, before seeing a new chest consultant

After this I had a lot of blood taken for a list of blood tests, to make sure that there is nothing else  causing, or making my problems worse
This consultant was very thorough, and talked about all of the problems I was having, I confess that this was never done like this before.
Next week I have to do sputum tests over five days and take them to our family doctors, so that the consultant can make sure that there is no other infections  in my lungs
He already knew that I had the Heamophilus Influenza bug inside my lungs, but wants to check that there is nothing else
It seems that this Heamophilus bug could have been there for many years, which accounts for all of my chest infections, and could have been the result of childhood illness which wrecked my lungs
I am now waiting for dates to attend another hospital  where I will  have more tests done,  followed by …

support for those with Learning disabilities

When I heard this story on the news, I felt that I had to share it, because it shows hope for other vulnerable people who want to prove that they can make a difference    Diner with a difference opens in Gatehead

<img alt="Davey Duke's is a diner with a difference." src="" /> Davey Duke's is a diner with a difference. Photo: ITV News Tyne Tees <img alt="." src="" />
An American style diner has become the first part of a £2m project helping young people with autism to open in Gateshead.
Davey Duke's is staffed entirely by young people with learning difficulties who are getting training and paid employment.
Next year a hotel offering respite care for people with autism will also open on site, becoming the first project of its …


As I have never fully understood this term, I looked it up on the Alzheimer's Society's website, so that I could understand it a little better, and understand what the Consultant was talking about on Friday


Sometimes a person with dementia will exhibit an increase in certain behaviours in the late afternoon or early evening.

For example, people may become more agitated, aggressive or confused. This is often referred to as ‘sundowning’.

This pattern may continue for several months and often occurs in those in the moderate to severe stages of dementia. It can be particularly distressing for carers if they are trying to relax or have some quiet time.

Sundowning may be caused by:

• disturbance to the 24-hour ‘body clock’ that tells our bodies when to sleep, caused by the physical changes to the brain
• loss of routine at a previously busy time of day • too little or disturbed sleep •
 too little or too much light
• prescribed medication (eg for pain or discomfort) we…