Thursday, 24 November 2016

Nice morning walk

This morning I went for a slow walk around our riverside park, partly for exercise, but also to see if the River Wear levels had dropped since the 3 flood warnings on Monday night.
Looking around it was easy to see where the river had been over the last few days  but it was not surprising after all of the rain we had seen,  plus the snow on the high ground.
I suppose we are very lucky because the River Wear is jammed in between the larger River Tees and the River Tyne, all of which start rising very close to each other. So most of the water runs into the other two rivers.
Saying that there was quite a lot of flooding of  Monday along the River Wear, and I felt very sorry for those affected by this.
I had spent Monday night watching for the burn outside our house to rise, meaning that it could be getting close to flooding,  but thankfully it stayed low, but very fast flowing
Although the river was still high, it had dropped quite a lot which was good to see.
I admit that it was a little cold this morning, only 2 degrees, but I was well wrapped up.
There was a shortage of wildlife round in the park, just a few ducks a handful of swans a three  Cormorants and a heron
All looked as cold as me.
It looked a little spooky this morning as the mist rose up from the surface of the water, but just guess that proves that it was cold. Occasionally a bird would fly through the mist or a Swan would appear.
I took my camera with me, but I did not really get my brain into gear, and had problems setting the camera up, but again least I knew that i had tried, and that was the main thing
Tomorrow is another day as they Say?
I have a hospital appointment in the morning, so I won't be back to the park for a few days.

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