Friday, 13 September 2013

An amazing day for relection of the past

Last year I had been struggling with lack of sleep, and decided to do something different as my wife was away for a few days, so I got a bus to Newcastle upon Tyne, and had a walk along the river side.

I then had an amazing day walking along the banks of the River Tyne, a place where I worked for a few years in the 1960s, yet all of the places in my memories have gone.

The factory I worked in, the wharfs on the quay side and the flour mills have all since gone, one of the Flour mills is now that Baltic Art Gallery, a big change and even the Tyne Tees Television Studios had disappeared, so it seemed hard to think it was still the same place.

Years ago I would walk along the city road towards Byker, and then on to the factory overlooking the river, a place which held many happy memories, where we would spend time spotting the different ships of the line which were visiting the Tyne to offload their goods from around the world.

Yet all of this was gone but I looked back, and saw what was left in places, and how it had changed in others. Places where wharfs had been where now bars or Restaurants or in some places office blocks.

There are ok cause many more bridges than there were in those days, and  I was going to attempt to see them all knowing  full well that I would pay for this the next day.

When I worked there the wharfs were very busy places and it looked like an ants nest with all of the dock workers, now its all gone.

But all did not go as expected, because my brother met up with me after Lunch and we had a long drive around the other areas of the Tyne and Wear where everything had changed since the 1960s

This had been an added bonus as we had a long chat, and discussed how things were back in those days from what I remembered to what there was now.

We saw the places where all of the big shipyards had been, now all gone, and the only place which seemed to be busy was Tyne Dock and the Sea Terminal where the large ferries ply their trade to Amsterdam, and other European countries.

In many ways it was a time of reflection, as its not often that we have enough time to go over things like this, and to be honest its not everyday that I feel up to doing it, but my brain was in overdrive so I went with it, and I really enjoyed the day.

The high point was seeing the Millenium Bridge open at lunchtime something I have seen on television but never in reality.

My brother had been a Chaplin to the Swan Hunters Ship Yards, so he was able to fill in the gaps where I had forgotten things, so all in all in was a day to remember.

The Bridge Closed for River traffic

The bridge open

Amazing sight

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